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No matter what your maintenance needs are, we can handle it. Annuals, 100 Hours, prevenative Maintenance, rebuilds.
One of the oldest Robinson Helicopter Service Centers in the World
Since the early 1980's Precision Aircraft Services have been a proud service center for the Robinson Helicopters.
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We want to serve your needs
We know how busy life can be. No matter if you are a professional pilot or not, we know you have a schedule that is important. We can work with your schedule.
Our priorities
You are important to us
We know how important your aircraft is to you. It needs to be trusted. We will maintain your aircraft in tip top shape, so that you will be able to trust it with your family.
Safety is our number one concern. We take many steps to ensure that we do our work correctly. We have several double check systems in place to make sure our work is the safest around.
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About Us

In 1977, Angelo Precision Aircraft, LLC was founded as Precision Aircraft Services in San Angelo, TX. by Frank Hinds. He had a vision of what he expected from a maintenance facility and believed that he could lead his new business to acheive that vision. As with most new busineses, the future was shakey in the early years as the reputation started to be built. The company first rented hanger space from a local FBO that no longer wanted to provide maintenance. After several years in this location, the company was forced to move, and they built a new hanger on the south end of the ramp. This hanger is still their location today.

Since the start of the company, goal has been to provide quick top quality service to their customers. No matter who the customer was, they were treated as the only customer they had. Working on pleasure planes, commercial aircraft, and airline aircraft Precision Aircraft quickly became one of the top maintenance facilities in West Texas.

In 1980 Precision Aircraft Services expanded their role in the aviation community by becoming one of the first Robinson Helicopter Service Centers. Quickly the Robinson Helicopters exploded in popularity in the area, and their helicopter customer base grew past what most had expected it to. Ranchers found that the helicopter served their needs on their ranch, and also people found that they could enjoy these helicopters for pleasure.

Through the years the company has continued to grow with new customers, and expanding their expertise. Staying up with technology, Precision Aircraft Services has been there for minor and major changes in the industry. Working with customers who wanted the latest for their aircraft, and also customers who wanted the latest aircraft, Precision as made it a point to stay up with the latest technology. From new types of magnetos to new types of planes and helicopters, Precision Aircraft Services was able to expand their knowledge to stay up with the needs of their customers.

In 2006 Precision Aircraft Services expanded their Robinson Helicopter Service Center to include the Robinson Helicopter R44 model. Since this time the Robinson Hellicopter fleet that they maintain on a regular bases has grown to over 25 customer owned helicopters. With this many in the fleet that they maintain, they have the knowledge and skills needed to quickly turn around repairs and inspections. Today, Angelo Precision Aircraft, LLC is a Robinson Helicopter Authorized Repair Center for the R22, R44, and R66. They have customers from around the country who trust their knowledge, skills, and service.

With every aircraft that they maintain, Precision Aircraft Services can develope a plan that meets the need of their customers. No matter if the next flight is for a family trip or a commercial job, Precision Aircraft Services takes every step possible to make sure that the customer does not miss that flight. They will assign additional man power to a job, or work after hours to make sure the aircraft is ready on time. With a strong team of experts that work well together they have the ablity to meet the demands of almost any schedule that the customer has.

In 2013 Precision Aircraft Services had a company name change to Angelo Precision Aircraft, LLC. This name change is another sign of growth as the company expands it's role in the aviation community by expanding their services in new areas requested by their customers. Soon they will be announcing the addition of new services offered to their customers. All through the company's history, they had met the expectations of their customers, and will continue to do so in the future.