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Computerized Dynamic Ballancing

Years of research by experts has reached the same conclusion that most of us know, if it shakes, it will crack and brake. While other businesses may ballance propellers, rotors, fans, and other items, Precision Aircraft Services takes it to the max. After research different ballancing equipment over the years, they have found the computer that allows the most precise ballance possible. As an example, Robinson Helicopters recommends a reading of 0.2 inch per seconds (ips) on ballancing their rotors. Precision Aircraft Services has the ability to take it to 0.0 ips.

In the past, tracking was based on guessing how different lines showed up. The mechanic had to dial it in perfect, search for where the X lined up, and then estimate what the measurement was. The computer that Precision Aircraft Services utilizes will allow them to obtain the track of 0.0 inch. Where most shops allow under .25 in difference to pass, Precision takes the time to make sure it is as perfect as possible. This not only provides you the smoothest ride possible, it also helps to protect your aircraft from damage caused by vibration from items not properly balanced.

With their experience over the years, Precision Aircraft Services has seen different types of damage caused by items not being properly balanced. Some of this damage has been:

  • Cracked Spinner Bulkheads
  • Cracked engine cowling
  • Cracked or Broken Baffeling
  • Cracked or Broken Air Filter Bracket
  • Cracked Horizontal Stabilizer on Helicopters
  • Cracked Mast Covers on Helicopters
  • It is true that these are not all the issues that can happen with out of balanced items on your aircraft, and that these items are not always caused by items being not balanced properly, but chances are that balance issues will cause things to crack and break from fatigue earlier.

    Computerized Dynamic Ballancing can take as little as half and hour or up to a day. Each part and each aircraft is different. Once started, the crew at Precision Aircraft Services will target nothing less than perfect ballance of your aircraft. Call today and get the answers to your questions or to schedule for your aircraft for this service.