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Safety is our number one concern. We take many steps to ensure that we do our work correctly. We have several double check systems in place to make sure our work is the safest around.
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Inspections are one of the most critical services that any mechanic of aviation maintenance shop can do for their customers. Some shops only do inspections since it is required by the FAA, but Precision Aircraft Services believe that they are important for not only safety issues, but to also lower the maintenance cost for the customers. If a problem is caught early it is usually cheaper to repair than when it becomes a major problem. Their inspections are not only designed to inspect the aircraft to find problems, but to also keep the aircraft flying at it's best.

Angelo Precision Aircraft, LLC utilizes the guidelines of the FAA, inspection lists of manufactors, along with their own list of items to maintain and inspect. With years of experience behind them, they have found items on most aircraft that need a little more attention than what the manufacture recommends on their lists. This might be an item that they have found that cracks often, or on some aircraft they may perform better with a little added maintenance on small items.

One thing that sets them apart from most maintenance shops is their understanding that not every customer is the same. They realize that some customers use their aircraft for work and that when the aircraft is down, it costs the customer money. Every minute of each day is costing these customers money. This is why Precision Airrcaft Services work with their customers to set a schedule for their inspections that will allow them to meet their schedule. No matter if it is a customer who works their aircraft or a customer who has a family vacation trip planned soon, they will do everything in their ability to make sure the customer can make that flight.

With a team of highly skilled technicians, they have the ability to assign professionals to a job with strong knowledge of that aircraft. This allows for a quick opening of the aircraft for inspection, a extensive inspection of the aircraft, and closing of the aircraft quickly. If problems are found that they need to address, they are able to do so in a rapid fashion. Having many parts on hand for common issues allows for them to quickly address most issues that they find during an inspection. If they find an issue that requires parts to be ordered, they have an extensive array of suppliers that they can have items shipped for the next morning.

Many times competitors say that they are not able to do inspections as quick as they do, which they take as a sign that they are doing it right. Several things happen to allow them to do their inspections so quick, and that is having a well trained staff knowledgeable on most aircraft they inspect, and the ability to assign many technicians to one aircraft if needed to get it done quickly. As an example, if a Robinsons Helicopter comes in for an inspection in the morning, they can assign 3-4 technicians to the aircraft, each with an area of responsibility, and this will allow that helicopter to be finished quickly. Same amount of hours as if one person did the job, no shortcuts taken, and an inspection beyond the inspection checklist put out by the manufacture.

Every customer has their needs, and Precision Aircraft Services will meet their needs by assigning more technicians to the job and/or working outside of normal business hours to make sure the customer is taken care of.