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Robinson Helicopter Overhauls

Angelo Precision Aircraft, LLC are called on to overhaul these helicopters due to their expertise and years of experience. Following the guidelines that Robinson Helicopters publish they teardown the helicopters down to the cabin, inspect all parts, and replace those required or needing replaced, and assemble it. Many shops take shortcuts, Angelo Precision Aircraft, LLC knows how important this major inspection is, and they make sure they do it right for the customer.

Many customers do not realize how extensive this inspection is until they see it. There are many steps to this overhaul and some people may want to skip some parts of this inspection. We highly recommend not skipping any part. One example of what other shops may not feel is important is pulling the cyclic, collective, and push pull tubes. While these parts may seem perfect, we have found many of them cracked, including the cyclic stick. Imagine flying along and the cyclic stick breaking off in your hands. These cracks could not had been seen without the striping the paint from the part and performing a detail inspection.

The inspection sheet recommends many things to be replaced outside the life limited parts. We highly recommend doing this since we have seen this come up in pre-buy inspections as a problem. Some shops feel that only the life limited items need to be replaced, but many service centers feel that the guidlines must be followed. We have heard of other shops not doing this and their customer's facing another service center in a prebuy inspection. Prospective buyers will use this against the customer in order to lower the price of the helicopter or back out of the sell.