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Since the early 1980's Precision Aircraft Services have been a proud service center for the Robinson Helicopters.
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Safety is our number one concern. We take many steps to ensure that we do our work correctly. We have several double check systems in place to make sure our work is the safest around.
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Pre-buy Inspections

One of the most important inspections an aircraft owner can have done is the Pre-buy inspection prior to their purchasing the aircraft. This inspection can be modified to the wants of the customer, but Precision Aircraft Services highly recommend making it as extensive as possible. You never know what you will find with an aircraft you are looking at buying. They have found everything from a perfect aircraft with no problems to aircraft with severe problems that would of cost the customer thousands of dollars to have corrected if they had purched the aircraft.

It is understandable that a person spends a lot of time looking for the perfect aircraft and finally finds the one that they have been dreaming of. They are ready to own the aircraft and play with it. It is easy to look at the outside and logs and decide that it is ok, but is it really?

  • Precision Aircraft Services have found some major issues wrong with aircraft that people were fixing to purchase, but thankfully they decided to have a Pre-Buy inspection done prior to the purchase. Some of these problems have been:
  • Low Compression
  • Metal in the Oil Filter
  • Cracked or Damaged Spar
  • Corrosion
  • Items not properly documented in log books
  • Repairs poorly done
  • Many other things

Precision Aircraft Services recommend that everyone have a pre-buy inspection done by a non-bias mechanic, even people looking at buying an aircraft maintained by them. When a customer asks them what they recommend for a pre-buy, they recommend an annual inspection. Many times they can work out a deal with the seller on who will pay what. Most common if for the buyer to pay for the annual, and if problems are found they can work out a deal witht he seller on what repairs the seller will pay for. It may also be that the buyer decides that the aircraft has more problems than they are willing to take and they back out of the sell. This is up to the buyer and seller to decide. Precision Aircraft Services know's their job is to inspect the aircraft and bring all issues to the buyer's attention so they can make the best decision with the knowledge.