Complete maintenance
No matter what your maintenance needs are, we can handle it. Annuals, 100 Hours, prevenative Maintenance, rebuilds.
One of the oldest Robinson Helicopter Service Centers in the World
Since the early 1980\'s Precision Aircraft Services have been a proud service center for the Robinson Helicopters.
You Matter
We want to serve your needs
We know how busy life can be. No matter if you are a professional pilot or not, we know you have a schedule that is important. We can work with your schedule.
Our priorities
Safety is our number one concern. We take many steps to ensure that we do our work correctly. We have several double check systems in place to make sure our work is the safest around.
Contact Us
If you need our assistance you can contact us
Fax - 325-949-5241
After Hours - 325-944-8236
Cell - 325-656-2104
Services Offered
Precision Aircraft Services is a full service aircraft maintenance shop`. We have experience with most general aviation aircraft, some business jets, and even some bigger jets. They take great pride in providing their customers full service so they do not need to worry about where to take their aircraft to get something done.
More than you expect

The list provided above is only a short list of the experience of the staff at Precision Aircraft Services. They have decades of experience working with their customers to provide any service that they could require on their aircraft. No matter if the aircraft is for pleasure or business, they are able to keep within your schedule.

Business Customers know that the staff at Precision Aircraft Services repects their need to be flying. When your aircraft is not in the air, it is not making money. The staff is able to work around your schedule to keep you in the air where you belong. They are willing to do whatever it takes to make your schedule work. In the past they have worked late or on the weekends to meet the schedules of their customers. They have also broken up inspections for their customers to help keep them on schedule. It is recommended that if a inspection needs to be broken up over a few days, it is important to budget for the days or time before the 100 Hour/Annual is due.

Most general aviation aircraft inspections can be completed withhin a few days. While the team is fast, they do not take shortcuts. They have an extensive in house inspection list and utilize the aircraft maintenance manuals inspection lists, along with out required inspection requirements. Some of the staff have over half a century of experience working on aircraft. Their extensive knowledge gained by experience allows them to inspection aircraft completely and identify any problems that may be present, or may happen in the future. With some luck, they can find problems prior to them becoming problems, and maybe even correct it and save the customer money.

Robinson Helicopter Inspections can be performed in as little as half a day. They still do a complete inspection on the helicopter and the full amount of time to do it right, they just add more mechanics and inspectors to complete it quicker for the customers who require short turn arounds. Inspection on the Robinson Helicopter line up is extensive and designed to find any problems that could be wrong with it now, or in the future. Precision Aircraft Services has over 30 years experience on these helicopters and have extensive knowledge of their systems, SB\'s, AD\'s, and Kits. This experience allows them to make sure every base is covered and that nothing is missed.

Robinson Helicopter Overhauls are done quick and right. If you need a quick turn around on your overhaul, it can be done in a month or less. On quick turn arounds it is recommended to preorder the overhaul kit and engine so that it will be waiting for your helicopter to arive. If you have time to wait, we can save you money by utilizing an engine overhaul shop that we have been using for decades. They do great engine overhauls, which include static runs and dynamic runs. When these engines are installed, they have been ran and tested and are ready to go to work for you. This can save you money if you have time to spare. Usually the engine overhaul takes 6-8 weeks.