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No matter what your maintenance needs are, we can handle it. Annuals, 100 Hours, prevenative Maintenance, rebuilds.
One of the oldest Robinson Helicopter Service Centers in the World
Since the early 1980\'s Precision Aircraft Services have been a proud service center for the Robinson Helicopters.
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We know how busy life can be. No matter if you are a professional pilot or not, we know you have a schedule that is important. We can work with your schedule.
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Safety is our number one concern. We take many steps to ensure that we do our work correctly. We have several double check systems in place to make sure our work is the safest around.
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Meet the Staff
Frank Hinds
Frank Hinds started out in aircraft maintenance as a young teenage boy. His father opened an aircraft shop in Hobbs, NM. Frank helped his dad after school and on weekends until graduating from high school, 1966. After graduation, Frank served in the United States Air Force. He served his country in Tailand and Vietnam. When completeting his time with the Air Force he returned to Hobbs where he worked again with his father.

After marrying in 1970 and becoming a young father in 1971, Frank made a dramatic decision that would change his life forever. He was offered a job with Centurion Flight Center, in Grand Rapids, Mi., and he accepted. While working in this position, Frank was exposed to maintenance on different aircraft models and techniques. He learned from many experts in the field, and was given the ability to learn systems on more aircraft.

In 1975, Frank moved his family to Texas when he took a manager position for a company located in San Angelo. While working in this position he was exposed to the aviation community in West Texas and felt that there was a void in the community here. After two years of working in this position Frank felt that he needed to open his own business to provide the type of service that he wanted to provide to his customers. Frank opened the Precision Aircraft Services in 1977. He was determined to build a company that he would want to take his own airplane to. He set his goals high and set out to provide the best service available for aircraft.

Frank holds a license in both land based planes, and rotorcraft. He has been checked out in several airplanes and helicopters through the years, which allows him to personally test most of the aircraft that Precision Aircraft maintains when needed. It also allows him to know how different planes and helicopters of the same model act and provide a valuable service to his customers in being able to detect those small problems that sometimes gradually appear and a customer might miss due to it being so minor. Frank believes that no aircraft should leave the shop if he would not personally trust it with the life of his family or him.

For over thirty years, Frank has been maintaining the Robinson Helicopters\' line up of their helicopters. He has developed a working relationship with the factory and has seen the helicopters evolve over time to what they are today. From the original model with no aux-fuel tank and little engine, to the models that are in production today. Over the years he has maintained many helicopters for his customers and is one of the Robinson Helicopter Modles\' leading authorities to many people from around the country.

Through the years Frank has been dedicated to building on his wealth of knowledge that he has in the aircraft business. He continues to build on his knowledge by attending classes across the country offered by the factories. Some of the training that he has attended through the years includes Factory Training on the Robinson Helicopters, Hughes 300, several of the engine manufactures, and many other classes on general aviation aircrafts. He is dedicated to being the most knowledgeable technician in West Texas on all the aircraft that his shop maintains.

Chris Hinds
Chris, Frank\'s wife, runs and manages the office. Through the years Chris has developed working relationships with supply companies and built a network that allows her and the company to not only locate quality parts, but also keep the cost down as low as possible for our customers. Her dedication to improving the ability to locate hard to find items has helped keep some planes in the air that may have met their doom in the scrap yard if it was not for her abilities. She is dedicated to keeping our network of suppliers under check at all times to provide safe quality parts at an affordable price to our customers.

Precision Aircraft Services is a family business that the whole family was very proud to help build. Scott (their son) and Tina (their daughter), started very young in helping in the business. Over the years, they grew up. Tina joined the USA Air Force. She now lives back in Texas with her two kids and still serves our country by working with the military as a civilian.

Scott Hinds
Scott was born into the company and started helping around the shop at an early age. At first he helped out by cleaning around the shop which allowed the technicians to focus on working on aircraft. Scott learned the business as his father did, by working for his father. Hands on experience for many years has proven to be a successful teacher for him. He has become a strong asset to the company, and the customers have grown to trust his ability. Over the years he has expanded his knowledge from simple tasks to diagnosing and repairing any problem that is presented to him. He has worked on the smallest planes to Boeing 737s.

Scott is a Licensed Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic and has become knowledgable on many different modles of airplanes, and the Robinson Helicopters R22, R44, and R66. He attended the Robinson Helicopters\' maintenance class where he expanded his knowledge on these helicopters. He now has decades of experience working on the Robinson Helicopters and can handle anything from the smallest issue to a complete rebuild or overhual. The first time he worked on a Robinson Helicopter was in 1984 when he helped open one for inspection. While at first he was limited on his abilities, he could open aircraft, and as the years went by, he expanded his abilities and knowledge of the helicopters. He has now been to the factory for training twice, and both times he added to his knowledge.

Fernando Luna

Fernando served his county in the US Marines, then entered the civilian aviation field.  He has worked for over a half decade with Angelo Precision Aircraft, LLC.  During his time with the company he has continued his colection of experience in the aviation industry, and gained his Airframe and Powerplant License.  He has experience with the General Aviation fleet including Robinson Helicopters, Cessnas, Beechcraft, and Piper.  The customers with Angelo Precision Aircraft appreciate his knowledge and wisdom as he continues the traditions of the company to provide knowledgable quality service.